Machinery offer extended to meet demand

Posted by Dianne Bisdee on 30 September 2014

A special spring finance offer from leading New Zealand drill manufacturer Duncan Ag has been so well received by farmers the company has extended the deal to cover its newly acquired AgMech range as well.

Craig McIsaac, general manager for Duncan Ag, says it’s a great way to mark the company’s first spring with AgMech bale feeders, trailers and spreaders, and judging by response to the drill finance offer, it’s expected to capture some serious attention. 

“Farmers have made the most of the opportunity to upgrade their drills this spring. There’s obviously a solid demand for proven machinery with flexible financing and we’re happy to facilitate that.” 

For a limited time, AgMech customers will receive extended payment terms and reduced interest on over a dozen different AgMech models, including the popular multi feeders, forage wagons, and trailers.

Duncan Ag has cut interest rates on the range to 2.9 per cent, with one third of the price paid at purchase and the balance due in two payments over the following 24 months.

Craig McIsaac says the special finance offer also remains open for 10 core models in Duncan Ag’s drill range, including the newest Renovator drill, the Renovator TFD.

“We’re seeing quite a lot of interest in these machines as farmers continue to look for ways to maintain productivity while also protecting their soils.

“No-till cultivation is definitely part of that overall drive towards farm sustainability and it also helps farmers build a certain degree of climatic resiliency into their systems, because it improves soil health, reduces erosion and increases soil moisture retention as well as benefiting seed establishment.”

To find out more, talk to your local Duncan Ag dealer today or phone 0800 177 171.

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