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Options & Accessories

  • A unique 2 stage sequence-controlled bale loading system that lifts the bale, holds it in position to assist with string/ wrap removal, and then places the bale in the correct position on the tilting tray.
  • Built to Duncan's high standard for reliability and long-life performance.
  • Unique feed elevator with anti-wrap guard.
  • A position indicator linked to the loading mechanism to assist the operator with lifting the second bale.
  • String loop to assist removal of bale string.
  • Heavy duty powder coated full sheet metal floor.
  • High tensile bale forks for ease of loading.
  • Wide rear axle width (2.2 metres) for stability.
  • Minimal moving parts with all pivot points bushed and greased
  • Safety chains


  • Bale catcher kit
  • Silage bin kit
  • String box

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Dimensions & Capacities

Length (mm) 5475
Width (mm) 2910
Height (mm) 2250
Weight (unladen) (kg) 1275
Max. bale size (round) 6ft diameter
Max. bale size (square) 6ft x 6ft (x 8ft long)

Special Features

Duncan Ag SLR Feeder 157 4109 Safely located direct drive hydraulic motor
Duncan Ag SLR Feeder 153 4105 Built to Duncan's high standard
Duncan Ag SLR Feeder 168 0517 Pivoting steel floor for effective and efficient feed out
Duncan Ag SLR Feeder 145 2 Extendable floor to accommodate large bales
Duncan Ag SLR Feeder 146 4097 Position indicator of rear loading mechanism
Duncan Ag SLR Feeder 176 4125 String loop to assist with the removal of bale string
Duncan Ag SLR Feeder 291 4264 High tensile rear forks for ease of loading
Duncan Ag SLR Feeder 150 4102 Wide rear axle for stability (2.2m)
Duncan Ag SLR Feeder 212 2 Bale held in position ready for string removal
Duncan Ag SLR Feeder 165 4117 Unique feed elevator with anti-wrap guard

What people are saying

"Our SLR is brilliant! It's easy to load and easy to tow."

Johnny Bell, Shag Valley Station, NZ
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