STF 6702
Panaerator SL2800
Straight Leg Tines

For breaking a pan or pugged pasture, the Duncan SL2800 straight leg subsoiler will do the job.  Bizalloy grade steel legs with replaceable shins, cast steel knock-on points and shearbolt protection are standard features.  Disc coulters, roller/crumbler and depth control wheel kit are optional.

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STF 6676
Panaerator CL2800
Curved Leg Tines

For breaking the pan in a worked paddock, the Duncan CL2800 curved leg subsoiler is the answer.  Boron grade steel legs in pairs with replaceable wear plates, cast Nihard reversible points and shear bolt protection are standard features.  Roller / crumbler and depth control wheel kit are optional.

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365 on dirt
Contoura 929
Rugged cultivator for the toughest conditions

This machine is a revival of Clough 929 Maxi-till.  It is a contour following, secondary tillage implement which makes it work efficiently, reduces frame stress as well as tractor horsepower and fuel requirements.

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