All Trash Boss Seed Drills come with the following features as standard equipment:

  • Calibration kit
  • Large capacity twin boxes allow filling from 'Bulka' bags
  • Lids open to 90 deg
  • Long lead between rows for increased trash handling ability
  • 100x100 RHS - sturdy frame structure
  • Level lift cylinder is standard
  • Hoses to ground
  • Points, sweeps and boots not included



  • Undercarriage option - 32mm coil tynes - spring release tines
  • Rear platform
  • 7" / 8" / 9" / 10" row spacing


 32 Run  28 Run25 Run  23 Run
 Row spacing 176mm (7") 200mm (8") 230mm (9") 254mm (10")
 Width (over wheels) 5950mm 5950mm 5950mm 5580mm
 Width (tine point to point) 5450mm 5400mm 5520mm 5580mm
 Sowing width 5632mm 5600mm 5750mm 5842mm
 Weight 7500kg 7500kg 7500kg 7500kg
 Box capacity front (approx) 1250L 1250L 1250L 1250L
 Box capacity rear (approx) 1250L 1250L 1250L 1250L