We all know that Fodder Beet is an expensive crop to plant but that the high yield potential (20 t DM/ha+) and the high ME value (12-13 MJ ME/kg DM) makes it an ideal crop for stock performance. So if you’re looking to save then considering purchasing your own INO Precision Planter from Duncan Ag.

The figures speaks for itself:

Example: Sowing 80ha’s of fodder beet in a season.



80ha’s at approximately $175/ha 



Tractor depreciation, maintenance,
fuel & driver at $55/ha:


Precision seeder depreciation
and maintenance at $9/ha:


Total:$5,120/season (saving $8,880/season)

Cost of INO Precision Planter
Aeromat 6P-F Heavy:


Pay back is: 3 years, 5 months


In addition - if you purchase an INO Precision Planter before 30/11/17 then you will also receive 10% off Specialty Seeds newly released Betimo Fodder Beet seed - click here to read more information on this disease resistant fodder beet variety:

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