Johnny Bell, Shag Valley Station

"We've got a lot of Duncan gear and admire the robustness and reliability of their products"

Simon Pharazyn, Kaikoura

"It's made by Kiwi's for Kiwis - it's the Kiwi brand that meets all expectations!"

Craig Martin, South Australia

"I am aware that seeds can differ in size from season to season but I keep a record of the calibration figures for comparison purposes. The calibration system is incredibly simple, and the only problem I have had was when I pressed the wrong button on the hectare meter - and thats not the fault of the seeder!'

Maddren Farm Contract, Victoria, Australia

"This is the third Duncan Drill that I have purchased.  We traded a MK3 for the new drill.  We still have a Linkage Renovator and didn't consider any other brand of drill." 

Justin & Olivia Phillips, North Island, NZ

"I would describe the Duncan Renovator Eco Seeder as a great machine, with good information on setting up and running practices. I'd have to say this is just what a farmer is looking for when time is precious!"

Brian Armstrong, Northcliffe, WA

"I purchased a DuncanAg AS3000 last season and find the drill brilliant in all conditions, trash flow is excellent and I have achieved 100% germination."

Grant Kinsman, Temuka, NZ

'The drill is simple to set up and operate yet it is adaptable to different conditions and doesn't seem to falter at any stage - fairly typical Duncan durability and dependability!'

Wayne Marshall, Maffra, Victoria, Australia

'There's no comparison between the Duncan Enviro 3000e and other seed drills I've seen.  This is a seed drill obviously designed for contractors and large-scale farmers.'

Adam Deane, Te Aroha, NZ

' It's an awesome machine! There's minimal ground disturbance and in a word, I would describe the machine as being good - the best quality seed drill around today.'

Simon Pharazyn, Kaikoura, NZ

"We wanted a reliable air seeder that would sow the hills and dales in our region and with equal efficiency handle cultivated ground. We wanted a drill that was sturdy yet agile. The Duncan DD30 ticked all the boxes."

Ross Dickson, Canberra, ACT, Australia

'We've sown lucerne, oats, turnip, clover, kale, swedes, mangles, corn, beans and sorghum with no problems.' The Duncan Vineyard Seeder does this well behind out 70hp tractor.

Barry Wheeler, Victoria Australia

“Our ground has been like concrete over summer but our new Duncan Custom was fantastic. It's an extremely robust machine that enabled us to get onto this dry ground earlier than usual and still create a good seed bed tilth"

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