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Options & Accessories

  • 25mm coil tines: strong and maintain their shape for more accurate seeding
  • Duncan ‘T’ Boot: creates an excellent seed bed environment
  • Tungsten tile on the leading edge to increase the life of the point. (Tungsten chip points also available for stony conditions)
  • Weigh kit
  • Rear foot board
  • Disc openers on the front of the drill
  • Hectare meter
  • Trailing kit to convert from 3PL
  • 3PL kit to convert from trailing

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Dimensions & Capacities

14R Single Box 3PL 18R Single Box Trailing 18R Dual Box Trailing 18R Single Box 3PL 18R Dual Box 3PL
Number of runs 14 18 18 18 18
Sowing width (mm) 2079 2673 2673 2673 2673
Width - overall (mm) 2698 2995 2995 2995 2995
Height - GWU (mm) 1623 1623 1623 1623 1623
Row spacing (mm) 148.5 148.5 148.5 148.5 148.5
Weight - incl discs (kg) 731 1130 1256 1078 1204
Box capacity (L) 295 338 326ea 338 326ea
Length (mm) 1685 2856 2856 1685 1685

Special Features

Eco Seeder 122 Box designed to deliver better seed flow
Duncan Ag Mk4 Renovator 4153 Proven 25mm coil tines for superior strength and consistent seeding
Eco seeder 14 The bin lids open to a full 90 degrees
Eco Seeder 232 Agitator shaft helps prevent seed compaction (not available on 14 Row)
Eco Seeder 142 Front disc openers are available as an option
Eco Seeder 2 Drive to the gearbox is taken from the ground wheel via the smaller sprung jockey wheel
DSCN0498 Optional following tools: Uni-Roller and / or Tine Harrows
Eco Seeder 211 Peg roller seeder unit for sowing a wide range of products
Eco Seeder 170 Easy to access rear footboard is standard
Mk3 Renovator 197 Duncan 'T' boots have extra strength with Ni-hard steel and a tungsten tile on the leading edge
3Pt Linkage Drill 32 Weigh kit including scales comes as standard
Eco Seeder 4 Easy to adjust gearbox with excellent sowing range

What people are saying

"I would describe the Duncan Renovator Eco Seeder as a great machine, with good information on setting up and running practices. I'd have to say this is just what a farmer is looking for when time is precious!"

Justin & Olivia Phillips, North Island, NZ
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